Hey goddess,

thanks for stopping by. My name is Mary Ebele & I am the Creative Director of Nubian Goddess Beauty. Honestly, this post has been a long time coming but hey, it had to be done at some point right?

I grew up in Africa - Lagos, Nigeria to be precise. I studied at Queens College Lagos & after my graduation, I was off to College in New York. Life in America was a major culture shock for me. I grew up in the city but the lifestyle here was different. It was a lot to take in, but like the millions of Africans before me, I adjusted & adapted.

Summer 2015, I remember making the decision to try out faux locs in my New York apartment. I was at a turning point in my life - just graduated college. I studied Criminal Justice by the way but today, I'm a Business Owner. How did that happen? lol. Although that was not the plan, when you have that creative fire, it burns too strong you dare not ignore it. So, I quit my 9 - 5 for the entrepreneurial journey & I am never looking back.

One hot summer day, I decided to try out faux locs, ditch the weaves for a while & embrace my natural hair and here we are, two years later - still in love with locs.

I spent a few grueling hours struggling with installing those faux locs on myself & girl, when I tell you the headache that came with it after...sigh. I couldn't sleep that night. My scalp was sore, head was heavy & the tension was no joke but hey, "beauty is pain" right? Wrong. Beauty is not supposed to be pain. It looked amazing but felt like crap. I knew I had to create an alternative. Beauty is supposed to be comfortable and that should be the "beauty" of it. I know, I play with words a lot lol.

I thought to myself - what would be a convenient way to rock these locs without the lost edges, the extra weight & discomfort? Eureka! I decided to create faux loc wigs & boy was that convenient.

I got so many compliments & somehow faux locs became my look and I had to share it with the world - that was how Nubian Goddess Beauty was born. Today, we have our own line of faux loc wigs, custom-made crochet goddess locs & reeady-made crochet goddess locs. I'd go into details in my next post.

I'd like to keep these blogs short so I'm gonna stop here. I just want to thank you for always choosing us. Without you, Nubian Goddess Beauty would not be the growing brand that it is today.

I look forward to creating more blog posts, sharing tips & tricks on how to style & maintain your lovely locs & I can't wait to keep growing with you.

Queens, wears your crown with pride,


Mary Ebele

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