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What is the difference between the Ready-made crochet goddess locs & Custom-made crochet goddess locs?


The main difference between the Nubian Goddess Beauty ready-made crochet goddess locs  and the Nubian Goddess Beauty custom-made crochet faux locs (bundle deal) is the price, quality of hair used, method, time spent on creation, the ability to be reused.


The ready-made crochet goddess locs are made with a machine & created with high quality synthetic hair. They are very soft to the touch, thinner in density, smooth & unsealed. The Nubian goddess custom-made crochet goddess locs are hand-made, created using100% premium fibre hair ( which has a human hair texture), looks more natural, is coarse in texture, sealed at the ends to hold unraveled curls & is reusable with proper installation, maintenance & uninstallation.

Because it is custom-made, each strand is carefully hand crafted to look natural - this takes time & due to the high volume of orders, a window of 7 - 10 business days in required to fulfill each order(although mostly shipped out sooner). 

Why are the ends of the custom-made goddess locs hard?

The ends of the custom-made crochet goddess close are sealed to keep the unraveled curls in tact. This sealant will feel hard but soften overtime.

Can you do individuals with your goddess locs?

I do not recommend doing the individual method with our goddess locs, I recommend crocheting on cornrows.

How many packs are recommended for a full head of crochet goddess locs?

5 - 6 packs are recommended

Can the crochet hair get wet?

Yes, it holds well in water

Are the crochet goddess locs reusable?

With proper installation & maintenance, yes, our custom-made crochet goddess locs can be reused.

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