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Bundle Deal 8 Packs Handmade Crochet Box Braids (Natural Black)

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$60.00Sale Price

    8 Packs of carefully handmade box braids (96 STRANDS). Enough for a full head & then some.

    Length: Around 18"

    Color: Natural black

    FREE crochet needle & braid accessories included


    The ultimate protective style is here! Grow your natural hair while rocking one of the trendiest styles of 2017 - our handmade crochet box braids using premium fibre with human hair texture, pre-made loop & reusable.

    It's easy to maintain, versatile, soft & very light weight.


    HOW TO CROCHET:- To ensure that your crochet braids lie naturally, braid your natural hair into cornrows.- Slide the latch hook underneath the braid and loop hair onto the hook.- Close the latch and slide the hair back underneath the braid.- Take two fingers to open the loop a bit and pull the end of the hair through the hole. - Pull and secure.- Keep the knots close to each other and repeat these steps until the full head is complete to the desired volume.


    Note: We do not sell half bundles.